Q: How to install Windows XP Pro onto my EEE PC box?
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Author:  linuxducks [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Q: How to install Windows XP Pro onto my EEE PC box?

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i dont need to change it into a usb because i have bought a disk reader thing to put cd's in. i need step by step instructions for how to download it onto my eee pc box that has linux on it as its operating system. i hate linux on this thing because you cant download anything without being a total tech wizard. please help.
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Author:  linuxducks [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Q: How to install Windows XP Pro onto my EEE PC box?

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Sorry to hear your trouble with Linux. I have been using it and windows for years. Downloading and installing on Linux is even simpler than windows actually - and cheaper ! Not sure of all your details but up front you will want to check you have the netbook edition of XP Pro - check with Asus and Microsoft..

Installing windows is much easier if you are simply going to wipe the disk (erase all) and install. Otherwise you will run into too much trouble no doubt. Linux is not like windows in that you can install it and uninstall it as many times as you like with any of their releases (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.) Of course you can back up any files on Linux to reinstall later.

As well, what is very popular is the dual boot system. This means having windows on a pc and then also install Linux which will automatically partition the disk to run either system - Windows or Linux - on start up of the computer. That is called the dual boot system. It is all in a couple of clicks. You need not be a tech freak at all. Linux is much more easy to use than Windows and much faster. Your software is in the "Software Repositiory" - a listing of over 30,000 free softwares to install or uninstall anytime. In Ubuntu Linux (most popular and easiest) this is called Ubuntu Software with its own install/uninstall panel.

The trouble you may be having is first run of Linux installed. It is like Windows in that you install like Service Pack 1 in Windows is similar in Linux - needed to be installed before all things will work and as well bringing security patches up to date. This is done at System tab > Updates. Try it now. Click it and no doubt you will see about a 250M download /install of updates needed to get Linux up to speed. It is much like adding necessry Service Packs in Windows Updates. No doubt you can not install any software until these updates are applied to even start using the Software Repository to start installing stuff. Give Linux as much respect as Windows and you will all get along famously.

This is also as Windows. You have to have XP Service Pack 2 or 3 installed or you cannot use Window services. Everything below that is no longer supported. Linux is supported for life.

So I would recommend you go to some Microsoft sites and rehearse any of the installation instructions and make any notes on a piece of paper. Choose to wipe the disk at install. No headaches. Couple clicks and you will have Windows installed. Of course with Linux there is no license number headaches or the Windows Genuine Advantage checking and so on. That's why you can install any Linux version anytime with a couple of clicks.

And PS....
With Linux (especially Ubuntu Linux Netbook) it can be installed from a USB Drive stick. You download it and then transfer it to the usb drive stick (not a usb media storage stick) and plug it into the usb port to install. Very simple, automatic, couple of clicks. Windows is working on a usb install.

GO Here... for How To...
Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 ... -as-1-2-3/

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